Merkan-Cia signs important contract with Cabelte, S.A.

Last April 27, 2016 MERKAN-Cia UK signed an important contract with the prestigious portuguese group Cabelte, S.A.

Cabelte S.A. is a strategic partner of UK POWER NETWORK and SCOTTISH POWER NETWORK, and a leader in designing, producing and selling cabling systems for energy, telecommunications and automotive industry in all markets where it is present.

This contract will strengthen an existing relationship between these two companies and is a source of pride for MERKAN-Cia UK to continue relying on this prestigious company in its portfolio.

Thank you for your confidence!

About Cabelte:
CABELTE is one of the most important European cable manufacturers, positioned in the design and development of energy and telecommunications systems and solutions, with its biggest focus in the development and production of Low, Medium, High and Extra High Voltage cables as well as copper and optical fiber telecommunication cables.
With 3 industrial units located in the Iberian Peninsula and several commercial offices in Europe, Latin America and Africa, CABELTE keeps its goals of sustained investment, improving internal returns and capability to meet or exceed the increasing national and international market demands. As a result, about 75% of Turnover is generated in foreign markets.
– Wide range Portfolio of products and services
– Global presence / permanent availability
– Industrial flexibility / Customization of products and services,
– High industrial know-how of International standards
– Permanent technological development of our products and services