Merkan-Cia celebrates its third year in the UK

Merkan-Cia Freight Limited is an ever-growing and ever-developing family transport company, established in March 2013 by Portuguese partners who operate in both road transport and logistics.
The father and son business began working within the trasnport industry more than 30 years ago, initially offering UK-Portugal traction services with just one truck. They later founded Transportes Pascoal (the Group’s main company) and the company such as the group itself, has never stopped growing, with companies in Portugal, Spain and France.

Since 2013, Merkan-cia have dedicated their time towards developing their business in the UK, which is located between London and Northampton – near the M1. After moving to a small warehouse in Leighton Buzzard, what was constructed was created with the trust of the suppliers, customers and neighbours which has been vital in the company’s successful accomodation in the country.

In 2015, Merkan-cia developed furthermore, when the company began dealing in deliveries for which they requieres two trucks and a bigger unit for both the groups’ logistics service and the new transport projects they are currently progressing. As of February 2016, Merkan-cia are recognised members of the FTA (Freight Transport Association) and are relocating to their new Northampton home and Pascoal group currently boast around 500 trucks, with 20% of it’s fleet dedicated to the UK.

Merkan-cia specifically, have a fleet as small as two trucks but are ready to increase in size to five trucks. The company are also ready to answer to other needs – as of the size of its partner Transportes Pascoal, and its larger fleet of 500 trucks. As of the progress the Group have made since forming in 2013, the tech used within the companies vehicles are both up-to-date and in keeping with the revolutionay methods of today’s technology. They use a geolocation service and an automatic interface of communication with the driver which uses an app of communication which is prepared for transport questions.