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At Merkan.Cia, our vision is our promise

For our business to be successful, yours has to be too.

We make your business better. Our customer-focused logistics solutions highlight our on-time performance, cost effectiveness and quality service. We provide shipping and logistics services across Europe, as well as across international borders.

And with contracts and bureaucracy, it is often a single word that makes the difference between success or failure. So that you avoid the existing pitfalls, we offer you sound expertise on customs clearance, insurance and goods security.


Road transport is the most used in the range of services offered by MERKAN.CIA. We specialise in the following markets: Iberian Peninsula, France, Germany, Benelux, UK and Eastern Europe.


Connecting different transport methods with rail transport. This implies that for more complex flows, the quality/price ratio for the service could be an advantage for the client and the environment.

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Our Services


Receipt, labelling, handling and conferences

Stock Management

Handling, storage and pallet management

Order Preparation

Collection, packaging, labelling, scanning the client’s specifications, packaging for transportation.


Delivery costs, handling and conferences.


Documentation, insurance, follow-up messages, movement emissions control report (entry, deliveries, billing, stock rotation, etc.).


Detailed according to movements.